Nature Designed, We Produced.


About Us

We,as Mayimpex Co Ltd, are the leading handpainted fused glassware producer and exporter of Turkey. Our master craftsmen and women skillfully combine mineral glass, natural materials and herbal dyes into modern masterpieces of incredible texture and radiance.

As of having one glass factory working with talented hand-workers, creative masters and designers, we are able to supply quality products worldwide. Each is a unique piece created by our own designers, presents a collectable range of glass household and gift items suitable for everyday use.

Our glassware collection consists of tableware, decorative items and bathroom accessories. Now we added the brand new Horeca collection.

All of our products are handpainted, washable, healthy and % 100 made of natural materials.



Some ones like to get the feelings from their own, but some others like to select among the ready to use ones. It doesn’t matter which group you are in or which environment you are living in take a look around as feelings incredible diversity of life always gives you a breath from the fresh air without limits.

We looked at nature for you…

Inspired by the richness of the nature, our first step had been under the water. Then we brought little fishes to your home that are each handmade pieces. By using an age-old technique passed down from generation to offer you a wide range of trendy products.

We didn’t let it go at that… Maybee we should sail away to a new adventure. This was Horeca ( Hotel-Restaurant-Catering )